Tinashe Dube

My name is Tinashe Nickson Dube . I come from Shurugwi ,a small mining town in the midst of the Zimbabwe. They say it’s the environment you choose that always shape you. But for me, I decided not to be shaped by that, but by my desire to achieve great things in life despite of the environment I live in. I managed not to indulge in drugs and illegal mining activities which my town is well known for.

Despite of the financial hardship faced by my family, I passed my O Level National examination with 7 As and 3 Bs with the money I had saved from working as a general worker at a Clinic. I developed a passion for medicine because I love serving people. I was able to go to Advanced level with the help of my Aunt Linet who sent me to a boarding school. I studied Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Crop Science and I passed top of my class with 21 points out of 25 points.

I have been sitting at home not attending school because my family and relatives can not afford to send me to college. A friend of mine was told by someone that there is a lady helping students linking them to opportunities to study abroad. My friend and his Aunt worked hard to find this lady and they were able to connect me with Ms Prisca whom I refer to as Mama Prisca. With her caring heart she has been helping me turn my passion into a lifelong career. She has been sacrificing her time and she’s doing everything for me to get a scholarship. I’m greatly thankful mama.